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mushroom is one of only a handful few known meat eating mushrooms.

The Chinese calls oyster mushrooms ping gu, not mispronounced ping gou as these latter two syllables mean apple.

In Japan, at that point and now, many educate they are relatives concerning the ruler shellfish mushroom, however not every person concurs. Regardless the Japanese know these shellfish mushrooms as hiratake and realize that they can have semi-round tops. In China, they were commended as far back as the Song Dynasty (960 - 1279 CE) and in a sonnet were called ‘the mushroom of blossom paradise’.

All clam mushrooms are thin, and fan-or shell-molded. Many say they taste of the ocean and that is the reason they are so named. Others differ and say their name originates from the way that they resemble the shell of a clam. We do comprehend the relationship in looks; however never saw a clam taste when eating them crude or cooked.

Often infested with small beetles, they can grow in tiers, do have a pleasant aroma, and do have white gills that run down their short stems. More correctly, their stems are called stalks.

The oyster mushroom can be dried successfully, they get soggy easily. If drying them, keep the broiler or vegetable dryer at a low temperature since they effortlessly consume. The hot sun makes a decent drying showing with regards to for those that live in warm atmosphere zones. Since we live in the mild zone, we buy our own monetarily dried, or canned, or new. Dried ones have a more extraordinary flavor, and they do re-hydrate in minutes.