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About us

Milky mushrooms are mainly used for eating and gardening. On the other hand, oyster mushrooms are mainly used for health diet and medicinal purposes. Bengal Nursery has a complete infrastructure to provide the necessities appropriately. It imports mushrooms from the authentic sources of the world’s cultivating areas. It supplies mushrooms to hotels and households hugely. It has also research department on mushrooms and all the procedures are led by the experts. Bengal Nursery follows perfect strategy for dealing with fresh and dry mushrooms. It is one of the massive suppliers of best quality dried mushrooms. It is both used in the domestic market as well as exported. The dried mushrooms are in the first choice of all health conscious people worldwide for immense health benefits. Bengal Nursery deals with oyster mushrooms and milky mushrooms. It has limited targeted customers and locations. Targeted customers are herbal medicine makers, hotels in large area, dry mushroom exporters, health drink companies and households. Targeted location is all the regions of Barrackpore to Shyambazar in West Bengal. It is one of the leading Oyster mushrooms and Milky mushrooms suppliers in West Bengal. From garden to kitchen, all steps are observed by the experts with the franchise by the Government of West Bengal.